Glen Seator project support

Project support

Making Things Moving Places was made possible by major grants from the Andy Warhol Foundation, the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, the Judith Rothschild Foundation, and the Peter and Carmen Lucia Buck Foundation as well as from individuals, including Toni Marsnik, Gary Gonzalez, Stein Berre, Frederieke Taylor, Barbara and Ira Sahlmann, Mitchell and Tamar Hacker, and Olga and Gene Richard. The Getty Research Institute contributed essential support for project development as the publication was in its earliest stage of conception. Patricia Seator provided unlimited access to Seator’s archive throughout this project. Steidl Verlag scanned the entire archive, an unprecedented commitment that allowed for a complete transformation of the scope of the project over the two decades of its development.

Special thanks to John Walsh for his moral support and advisory role, to Carlton Bright for his indispensable contributions to the documentation of Seator’s work processes in video, and to Gary Graves for his sensitive photographic interpretation of Seator’s studio and the contact prints specially produced for this project.