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Lawrence Weiner

What is a table? Lawrence Weiner asks the question that has held his interest since his earliest days of art making. Neither story book, nor autobiography, nor reference book, SOMETHING TO PUT SOMETHING ON is a questioning book, endowed with its maker’s celebrated wordly wit and aimed at engaging young readers, among others, in an inquiry that has spanned a lifetime. Weiner wields his red, blue, and orange letterforms and graphic figures to take up the question of a human being’s relationship to objects and teases the reader into looking at a table in an entirely new light.

Over the past ten years, SOMETHING TO PUT SOMETHING ON has become a classic. It was our first Little Steidl book, and we declared at the time: it is appropriately the foundational book, the very impetus of our Little Steidl program. The first edition, produced at Steidl in 2008, sold out long ago. Hopeful readers continue to inquire if there might be a copy available. With pleasure we now offer a second edition.

It is a joy to work again with these vibrant red, blue, orange and black inks. It is an opportunity to look more deeply into the materials and the work and bring something even more moving out of them. This new edition is intended for those who are already familiar with the first edition as well as those who have yet to discover the work.

The second edition of 1,800 copies is produced from our original production files and printed on one of our favorite papers: Zerkall Book Wove – matte, white, 170 gsm. We had been waiting for the right project to use it.

Artist book / an original work for print
Hardcover wrapped with printed Buckram: stitched book block with integrated endpapers, reinforced spine, headband
Trimmed page 25 x 21cm (8.5 x 10 in.)
48 pages, including integrated endpapers
Illustrated in red, blue, orange, and black throughout
The specifications listed above apply to both the first and second editions of the book

Materials/second edition: Book paper is Zerkall Book Wove – white, matte, 170 gsm. This is a cylinder-mouldmade paper with cotton content. It is acid free, wood free, neutral sized, alkaline buffered, and contains no optical brighteners. The paper meets the highest standards of permanence in accordance with ANSI Z 39.48-1992, DIN ISO 9706 and DIN 6738.  Bookbinders boards are Köhler Book, a pH neutral, cylinder-mouldmade board from Albert Köhler Pappenfabrik, Gegenbach. The edition is bound in Arbelave Library Buckram.

Printing/second edition: book and cover were printed on Little Steidl’s offset-lithographic press using red, blue, orange, black, and silver inks.

Work and book design: Lawrence Weiner
Typeface: Margaret Seaworthy Gothic by Lawrence Weiner
Project development: Jerry Sohn and Nina Holland
Book production and printing/second edition: Nina Holland/Little Steidl
Binding/second edition: Lachenmaier, Reutlingen

Second Edition
ISBN 978 3 944630 02 1
Little Steidl, 2017
Available: September 2017
Suggested retail price in Germany: 69 EUR

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The first edition of SOMETHING TO PUT SOMETHING ON was printed by Steidl on Munken Print cream 1,8 150 gsm and was published in 2008 (ISBN 978 3 86521 491 1). The first edition is sold out.

About the Artist

Lawrence Weiner was born in Bronx, New York in 1942 and educated in the New York City public school system.  The book has long been a central component of his life work. His works have been shown internationally in museums. The works also inhabit many public spaces around the world—sides of buildings, cobblestones and pavers, open squares, manhole covers—and are frequently passed from the hand of one reader to another. Weiner has been awarded two National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships, a Solomon R. Guggenheim Fellowship, the Wolfgang Hahn Prize, the Arthur Kopcke Prize, and the Singer Prize, among others.

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