Kosmos Press


When we began this project just over ten years ago, Gerhard Steidl was handling all the production for our Little Steidl books. If we had known at the start everything that has happened along the route to realizing Kosmos, we would never have believed it. I moved from Los Angeles to Germany; Jerry and I set up an entire publishing operation to mirror the production system of Steidl on a smaller scale; I learned to print in the Steidl Druckerei under the patient and insightful instruction of Günther Rohde; I cleaned and repaired the old Roland 200 with the help of our exceptional machine engineer, Michael Mühlen; and I even took a compulsory year off to have my life saved by a team of inspiring physicians (but that is another story). All of this, just in the nick of time to be able to print this book myself. With my own two hands. And no one else’s. Just me with my printing press, some paper, and some ink.

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